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Coleman Jet Solutions is dedicated to you for the life of the aircraft. To ensure that your aircraft is well-maintained throughout its service, we offer continued Technical, Regulatory, and Operational Support. Because of our unique client base, we also offer a menu of Specialized Services to meet each of our client’s exacting demands.

Coleman Commercial solutions

This is the commercial aircraft division of Coleman Jet Solutions. We offer Banks, Lessors, and small to mid-size air carriers the same level of service as we provide for our business jet customers.


Our expertise in cross-border transactions, as well as our previous experience as a commercial aircraft operator and lessor means our clients benefit from guidance and support on a wide range of needs including asset monitoring, technical oversight, equipment valuations, project management and sourcing of funding. Clients choose Coleman Commercial Solutions when they are looking to outsource administrative, oversight and commercial negotiations.


Coleman Jet Solutions prior experience with aircraft leasing and financing means that we are are uniquely positioned to guide those in the financial services industry through the maze of regulatory and technical challenges associated with recovering and remarketing of business and commercial aircraft. We simplify the process with a single-point of contact for pre-planning, coordinating, and executing a custom recovery and disposal strategy. Furthermore, Coleman Jet Solutions will ensure that your organization, and asset, will receive the same standard of care provided to our most distinguished clients, this means your aircraft will receive maximum protection and minimum devaluation.

Market Evaluations

Clients of Coleman Jet Solutions can be provided with a full market evaluation of their aircraft. The information included in the evaluation allows owners to understand where their aircraft fits in the current marketplace. This benefits the client by providing them with an accurate indication of value if they need to sell the aircraft quickly at a full retail.  The market evaluation also provides our clients information with an indication of value for for insurance and accounting purposes.

Market Evaluations Include

  • Current Market Overview
  • Transaction Summary
  • History of Average Days on Market
  • History of Average Asking Price
  • Retail Price History Chart
  • Recent Solds Pirces of Comparable Aircraft
  • Value Estimate based on Current Market Conditions

Feasibility Studies

Business Aviation offers tremendous value. Even if you are a long time user of Business Aviation, you are faced with a multitude of options and considerations. Coleman Jet Solutions guides you through all the options by identifying your needs while understanding the true costs of ownership.

Feasibility Studies Include

  • Trip Profiles
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Service Type (Charter, Fractional, Ownership Options)
  • Aircraft Category, Class and Model
  • Financial Summaries
  • Operational Summaries
  • Market Conditions

Fleet Planning

Coleman Jet Solutions can align its clients travel resources with its business and organization strategies, both near-term and long-term. Using a blend of operational, financial, and strategic data, our Fleet Planning services are customized to your specific needs. Typically, a range of options are provided. Each option will be presented, with their associated benefits, challenges, and opportunities highlighted.

Fleet Management

Key components of our unbiased process include

  • Trip Profiles
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Fleet Planning Options
  • Financial Summaries
  • Operational Summaries
  • Market Conditions
  • Start-Up & Transition Costs

Operations Audit

Coleman Jet Solutions stands ready to assist in evaluating your flight departments policies and procedures. We can be tasked to recommend ways to improve flight department safety, effectiveness and efficiency. We do not believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach to flight department operations. Instead, we review your flight department components, adjust them for the size and unique operating environment of your operations, and provide a measurement of your department against industry “best practices.” This customized approach provides you with a specific set of goals, and is focused on areas of top concern.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Whether new or pre-owned, it is imperative to conduct a thorough inspection of the aircraft before closing. While the processes differ, the goal is the same: to confirm the aircraft is satisfactory and meets the conditions within the purchase agreement. And whether you are buying or selling, Coleman Jet Solutions can help you navigate this complex process.

Pre-Owned Aircraft Inspection

Whether buying or selling a pre-owned aircraft, a pre-buy inspection is a critical step in the process. Coleman Jet Solutions provides oversight of this process to ensure the mitigation of risks is handled in a fair and appropriate fashion. Coleman Jet Solutions acts as your advocate offering the experience to translate the spirit of the transaction.

Having Coleman Jet Solutions as your representative in this critical step will:

  • Ensure the work-scope and discrepancies are managed appropriately
  • Keep the transaction moving ahead on schedule
  • Permit your Aviation Team to focus on operational preparedness

New Aircraft Inspection

commonly overlooked aspect when acquiring a new aircraft are the potential complications that go along with completion and delivery. Coleman Jet Solutions will supplement your Aviation Team by providing expert input during these crucial phases of aircraft completion and delivery.

Support includes but is not limited to:


  • General Planning
  • Completion Initiation
  • Paint Inspection
  • Interior Fit & Finish
  • Acceptance

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