Dave Coleman The Airplane Guy


Dave Coleman the Airplane Guy


We invite you to join us tonight to meet Dave Coleman, a man who has made a very diverse living in aviation. How many 20 year olds do you know that acted as PIC of a 737 to ferry it to maintenance. That’s Dave. With over 6,500 hours in over 37 models of aircraft, Dave has gained extensive experience in aircraft sales and leasing, aircraft transaction management, maintenance oversight, and flight operations.

Now working at General Aviation Services (www.genav.com), you’ll learn very quickly that Dave brings a lot of value to his clients based on his vast knowledge of the market. Take a listen and join Al and Marc on this entertaining and enjoyable ride.

With all the discussion, there wasn’t much time for news, but Al and Marc did talk about the AOPA Fly-In, restaurant ratings, and space flight (depending on how you define space).

Lots of tweets tonight, which we love, so keep ’em coming. See you next week.

Blue skies and Tailwinds.

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